Grow your car wash members and loyalty

Rinsed integrates directly with your POS and website, so all of your customer data, marketing tools, and business metrics are in one easy-to-use platform: The Car Wash CRM

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Rinsed has acquired Ignite Wash, the car wash salesperson platform. Learn more here.

Trusted by over 2,500 car washes

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Increase your bottom line

Get more out of your POS and website without changing or adding any hardware



Reduce credit card declines
In credit card declines


Reduce cancellations
In cancellations


Increase online sales
In online sales

Learn how car washes like yours use Rinsed

"Rinsed pays for itself. It's in the numbers."

— Justin Young, VP Marketing,  Splash Car Wash

How can The Car Wash CRM help your business?

Rinsed has all the tools you need to grow and manage your car wash memberships

Retain customers longer and increase LTV

Minimize churn and increase LTV

  • Allow customers to update their payment info on your website with an easy-to-embed credit card form
  • Reduce churn by notifying your members when their credit card has declined
  • Retain customers who want to cancel with lower priced membership offers based on their usage

Multiply your members and retail customers

  • Engage customers with email and text message marketing campaigns
  • Convert more leads into paying customers with automated drip campaigns
  • Drive incremental revenue with scheduled emails and text messages to your best customers
  • Personalize communication with segments based on membership status and user behavior
Turn your retail customers into members at scale
Sell memberships online with just a click

Sell memberships online with just a click

  • Power your website with one-page, mobile optimized checkout forms with no effort to install
  • Calculate campaign ROI with measurable visits and conversions by channel
  • Maximize conversions with automated abandoned cart emails
  • Transact securely with full PCI compliance

Access all of your POS data at your fingertips

  • Track impactful metrics across all of your locations in one dashboard and send reports to managers
  • View your business metrics from a single dashboard that's accessible on all your devices
  • Provide unified reporting across all your sites
Access all of your POS data at your fingertips

Turn retail customers into members at scale

Rinsed has expanded The Car Wash CRM to include tools for all of your retail customers. Collect, segment, and message retail customers with the same level of automation and personalization as you can with your members.

Collect contact information

Collect contact information

Leverage your existing POS hardware and workflows to easily collect contact information for retail customers

Create custom audiences

Create custom audiences

Create personalized journeys for your customers based on behavior data like purchase and wash history

Send personalized messages

Send personalized messages

Create timely and relevant offers for your customers to increase wash frequency and membership conversion


Rinsed helps customers manage over 7,000,000 active members

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Tools designed specifically for car washes to help evolve their business

Unlock membership growth with your existing POS


Customer data and tools are separated

POS systems are a challenge for car washes
  • Lack of data visibility
  • Lengthy checkout forms
  • Inability to send CC decline notification
  • High member churn
  • Limited member communication
Before Rinsed Car Wash CRM

Data and tools to
grow and manage your memberships

POS systems can be integrated with a CRM
  • Automated churn reduction
  • One page checkout forms
  • Easy access reporting
  • Integrated email or text
  • Data all in one place
After Rinsed Car Wash CRM

Why car washes trust Rinsed as their CRM

Car Wash Miami

“Rinsed has been instrumental as El Car Wash has grown from 7 to 20+ locations in the South Florida area. Using their tools has helped us better engage with customers, grow our membership base, and reduce churn. Rinsed has helped us modernize the way we manage and grow our business."

Justin Landau
Justin Landau
CEO, El Car Wash
Breeze Thru Car Wash

“Using Rinsed has brought our unlimited wash pass memberships churn rate down significantly, and that's helped with the bottom line big time. We've recovered a lot of revenue since using Rinsed.”

Wade Keith
Wade Keith
Brand Manager, Breeze Thru Car Wash
Splash Car Wash

"The industry leaders use Rinsed, and we want to be an industry leader. Rinsed pays for itself, it's in the numbers. We've seen over a 7x return on our investment."

Justin Young
Justin Young
VP of Marketing, Splash Car Wash
GO Car Wash

“I've been washing cars for over 20 years, and there is no one close to the capabilities of Rinsed. The secret sauce is the simplified checkout process. It lets us keep more members by reducing churn, and also sell more memberships online.

Brett Meinberg
Brett Meinberg
COO, GO Car Wash
Rocket Carwash

“Rinsed has transformed the way we leverage data and given us the technology to increase new member signups and reduce churn. The Rinsed team works with us to understand our business and provides the tools our leaders need to grow the business effectively.”

Blake Newman
Blake Newman
COO, Rocket Car Wash

“Rinsed simplified our reporting process, as well as gave us the platform to skyrocket our online presence. If you are looking for a reliable platform with modification ability to your specific needs, Rinsed is where to look.”

Justin Luka
Justin Luka
Director Carwash, Gas N Wash
Coates Car Care

The Rinsed team has been great with taking certain things that I am looking for and offering me ways to accomplish them. Our Rinsed dashboard is my go-to for any metrics I am monitoring, and it paints a great picture of our company's overall performance on both site and corporate levels.”

James Coates
James Coates
COO, Coates Car Care
Magnolia Car Holdings

“Since the implementation of Rinsed, I am able to create customer journeys based on membership, manage customer accounts, and all customer interactions are housed within one platform. The platform is easy to manage and Rinsed is a valuable partner to our business. I really enjoy working with the Rinsed team and continuing to build the partnership between our companies.”

Meaghan Perry-Price
Meaghan Perry-Price
Head of CRM, Magnolia Wash Holdings
Shine Time Super Wash

“Rinsed not only helps us achieve our goals, but more importantly, Rinsed helps us define and measure our performance, so we as managers can make better goal-setting decisions. Rinsed is a competitive advantage for us, and we are able to provide a much better customer experience because of it.”

Mike Reiney
Mike Reiney
CMO/CRO, Shine Time Super Wash