Rinsed, The Car Wash CRM, acquires Ignite Wash, the car wash salesperson platform

NEW YORK, May 7, 2024 -- Rinsed: The Car Wash CRM, has acquired Ignite Wash, the car wash salesperson platform. The combination will accelerate Rinsed goal of driving increased lifetime value across every interaction a car wash has with its customers and helping car wash operators of all sizes delight their customers and grow their revenue.

Rinsed customer engagement vision

The team at Rinsed has spent the last 5 years building the leading car wash customer relationship management (CRM) platform, now helping manage over 7.5 million active members for more than 2,600 car washes around the country.

Rinsed vision extends beyond digital communication; it's about providing car washes with a single view of every interaction in the customer journey. The most important interactions are those that happen at the wash, and operators today have limited tools to ensure consistency and excellence in those customer experiences.

Ignite changes that, enabling visibility into the most critical part of the customer journey, the "moment-of-sale" between the sales associate and the customer. This critical moment happens tens of thousands of times per year, but is largely inaccessible to the car wash operator.

By measuring coverage, engagement and conversion rate in real-time at the individual customer service associate level, Ignite is able to help car washes increase conversion to membership, and those compounding effects lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased sales revenue.

Similar to Rinsed, Ignite Wash plugs into the operator's existing point-of-sale hardware, providing them with tools to manage, at scale, the interactions between customer service associates and customers. From training, to performance monitoring, to real-time leaderboards and gamification, the Ignite platform creates a sales system that ensures a first-class customer experience and consistency across an organization.

Shared approach and values

"We first got to know Ignite's CEO, Kyle Doyle, as a Rinsed customer – when he was head of marketing and customer experience for a fast-growing sponsor-backed car wash group - and were impressed from day one with his customer-obsessed approach to the car wash industry," said Austin Esecson, co-founder and CEO of Rinsed. "When we reconnected with Kyle and CTO, Craig Vella, about their new salesperson management platform, and started collaborating on all the ways integrating CRM could benefit the combined product offering, the alignment in vision and opportunity was overwhelming."

"We're thrilled to have found partners like Kyle, Craig and the Ignite team. Ignite Wash addresses a huge unmet need of operators, bringing first-class technology into the driveway to enhance the sales experience. This is really the missing piece of the customer journey and we are so excited to show operators the value this combined platform can unlock for them."

Kyle and his CTO Craig have built a best-in-class product that is loved by the front-line workers using it to enhance their day-to-day roles at the wash. Bringing the full history of the customer journey from the Rinsed CRM, into the driveway with Ignite Wash will open a level of personalization previously not possible for car wash operators. This combination will open new capabilities to improve both customer and operator experiences, driving increased customer lifetime value.

Kyle Doyle, CEO of Ignite Wash, said "Joining forces with Rinsed represents a fantastic opportunity for both our team and our customers. Craig and I are just getting started, and look forward to building upon the Rinsed platform, and contributing to the next phase of innovation in the car wash industry."

For more information, please request a demo at www.rinsed.com/demo

About Ignite Wash

Ignite Wash has developed the car wash industry's first salesperson management systems. Ignite Wash improves salesperson performance through transparency and accountability. It enhances customer interactions and sales conversions by providing real-time sales analytics and gamification, improving overall business performance.

For more information, find Ignite at Booth 3220 in Innovation Alley at the Car Wash Show in Nashville, or visit www.ignitewash.com

About Rinsed

Rinsed is the first CRM built from the ground up for the $15 billion car wash industry. A better customer experience means more repeat business, less churn, and more revenue. Rinsed helps car washes of all sizes delight their customers and grow their revenue with easy-to-use features including: an all-in-one customer relationship management platform to automate communications through email and text messages, mobile-optimized checkout forms embedded directly on car wash's websites that increase conversion rates by 10x, and business analytics, all fully integrated with the car wash's existing point-of-sale hardware.

For more information, find Rinsed at Booth 511 at The Car Wash Show in Nashville, or visit www.rinsed.com